ID Workshop

Pre conference ID Workshop : 21 September 2018 Hotel Metropolitan, Gole Market, New Delhi




Basic Microbiology for Clinicians 
How to read an Antibiogram
Case Vignettes in ID 
Common Antimicrobials/Antifungals 
MICs: what should the clinician know? 
Choosing therapy for MDR/XDR organisms 
Basic Concepts of Clinical Pharmacology Survellience Cultures / Outbreak Investigation 
ID Radiology


Workstation: Clinical Interactive Session

STATION A- General Infectious Diseases / Tropical Diseases
STATION B- Post Transplant Infections 
STATION C- CAP/VAP & Fungal Pneumonias/H1N1 with probable Aspergillosis 
STATION D CNS Infections – Meningitis/Encephalitis 




Target Audience

1) Critical Care Physicians
2) Microbiologists
3) Hemato-oncologists
4) Radiologists
5) ID Specialists
6) Anesthesiologists
7) Transplant Physicians
8) Transplant Surgeons
9) Nephrologists
10) Hepatologists


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